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Canadian Blueberry Cranberry Packer and Worldwide Supplier

Raiwal agro tech foods package fresh and frozen Canadian blueberry and cranberries directly from our farm and process as per FDA guideline. Packaging include Grading, labeling and tractability before sending to customer.

Raiwal Group grows their own crop and also with our expertise local and global scale gives us the purchasing power to source ingredients at an extremely competitive cost directly from BC Blueberry Cranberries Farmers. Our latest technology processing plant and advance refrigerator system on site make sure the packaging quality satisfies the client expectation. These efficiencies allow Raiwal Group  to provide customers the highest standard of quality without compromising on value.

Raiwal Group

Product & Services

We serve fresh blueberry in 100% recyclable rigid pack that prevents crushing of the berries, extends shelf life and is easy to open. These clam shell has different sizes according to requirement of client. We Also label your brand as per the requirement. IQF Blueberry also comes in different sizes and more details are given below.

Fresh Blueberry

We Pack Fresh Blueberries starting from Mid June to End of September with early to late varieties

Frozen Blueberry

Our advance technology of IQF keeps the aroma and flavour of our blueberries and available all year around. 

Other Services

We cater your business and are fortunate to provide more services

Blueberries are Healthy!

As far as flavour and nutritional value go, blueberries are a standout superfood.  High in antioxidants, they deliver many health benefits – and they are delicious atop breakfast cereals, in salads or simply on their own.

We grow at Our Farms

Our berries are grown in a natural environment, cared for and nurtured until ready for harvest, and processed at cost effective environment that caters your business needs. With our advance technology of refrigeration system, berries remain fresh and keep the promise of Canadian standard. This is our passion and promise for Fresh and tasty berries always.

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About Us & Our Blueberries

Raiwal Agro Tech Food Ltd. have long roots in agriculture industry for more than 50 years and continuously promising the commitment of freshness that’s going to remain forever. Our Growth is the tradition we have in partnering with farms and growers all over Canada to match the best quality. When you join us, we know you'll appreciate our high-quality selection and great prices. On top of it, you'll enjoy the hustle free business with us.

We specialize in providing fresh and frozen berries directly from farm to your business. Our expert agronomists and team works throughout the season with our partners and also coordinate with farmers to advice on best practice in cultivation and harvest, to nurture the best crop to the highest standards. All of our farms are CanadaGAP certified.

Our processing plant is located at the heart of our growing regions near USA border in Surrey, BC. Here we process freshly picked berries at source to optimise colour, taste and nutritional value. Our dedicated quality control team monitors the entire processing steps, from harvest through to shipping the fruit to customers across the globe.

Join Us and Help us to Spread Our Message of 'Promising Fresh Around the Globe'

Our mission is to provide best satisfaction and personal experience in industry to all of our employees, growers and customers in terms of growth, food safety and highest quality produce and knowledge at our cost cutting lower margin price

Our Vision is to be the leading Global agro supply chain provider of processed and fresh fruit and vegetables. Our leadership quality throughout the supply chain from cultivation, harvesting, processing, quality control and packaging to your business plays vital role in our customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality and safest fruit that taste good and satisfy every customer requirements in different continents

At RAIWAL , we understand food is a serious business where food safety and security are first and foremost priorities. The agro commodities we process meet the highest standards established by the industry.

RAIWAL 's reputation for quality has been a major driver in the success of the company and its continued growth. Our adherence to the highest standards of kosher certification leads us to be closely associated and involved inevery steps of the manufacturing process. This attention to RAIWAL  agro tech food ltd provides an extra level of quality assurance above and beyond our already exacting standards.

RAIWAL  practiceut most importance to Food Safety and strongly believes that continuous R&D is important for achieving excellence. To achieve highest quality standards, it has established a well-equipped Food Testing Laboratory and R&D Unit with round-the-clock in-house lab technicians.

Every batch of food ingredients dispatched from both the plants are sampled and tested on various physical, chemical & micro-biological parameters(E.coli, Salmonella;seed count, purity, etc.) Apart from in-house testing besides utilization

More healthy blueberry facts

  1. Blueberries are very high in antioxidants, which are shown to help neutralise the 'free radicals' that cause cancer, heart disease and other age-related illnesses
  2. With relatively low GI value, blueberries can help regulate blood sugar levels
  3. Antioxidants in blueberries are linked to increased eye and retina health
  4. Blueberries contain a compound that assists with urinary tract health and can prevent infection
  5. Low in calories and high in potassium
  6. High source of Vitamin C, E and fibre
  7. Blueberries help boost insulin sensitivity for prevention against the onset of type 2 Diabetes
  8. The antioxidant compounds in blueberries protect against inflammation
  9. The minerals potassium, copper, iron, zinc and manganese are all found in blueberries, and together they help control blood pressure
  10. Blueberries help clear neuro toxins in the brain, which may delay memory loss

The peak growing season for blueberries in Canada is between July and October. However, Raiwal grown blueberries are available all year round, with growing regions in Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, and Mission

Interested in Our processing Plant Tour?

As Canada’s rising largest blueberry processing company we provide a unique shopping experience for our clients. We are open 5 days a week from 8am to 5pm and provide a ten-minute tour to each new client that introduces them to everything Raiwal group has to offer.

Our mission is straightforward: Fresh picked-up from farm, process, package and labeled to meet the wholesale supplying needs of our national and international clients. We have a better understanding than anyone else of this wonder of nature with such unique properties, from temp chain of cultivation right through to processing the blueberry industry holds no secrets for us.

Raiwal Farms offers you an Quality product and exceptional service with a site tour. Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Since its creation, Raiwal Agro Tech Foods has always worked aggressively to develop client satisfaction policy that not only exceed industry standards but are also in tune with market demand. In addition to participating actively in international food fairs, we have invested a great deal of time and energy in research and development to make us the supplier you can rely on for quality Canadian blueberries.

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