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Grows Grade A Varieties Of Blueberry For Wholesale Order

To provide fresh blueberries throughout the year, we grow several different varieties that ripen at different times on our farms in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We pack and label as per client requirement, deliver in minimum time, worldwide.

Duke is the first Variety we pack in a different size of clampshell as per order. Size is small but taste wonderful. This variety comes in mid June and early July.

Bluecrop comes after Duke and are bigger in size. Bluecrop taste sweeter than duke and little softer.

Draper is a expensive fruit that we care from our farm to your doors. Draper has mix taste of sweet and sharp taste.

Liberty comes in Mid of August. Liberty variety is big in size and are firm with sharp taste. This Variety has long shelves life.

Elliots variety is small in size but very firm with sharp taste. This is late variety and has longer store shelves life .

This is also a late variety, new in market. Size is really mega with sweet taste.

We Process Our Blueberries

It's very important to package and store the blueberries at right temperature soon after harvesting. Our qualified staff and On-site processing facility not only improve the store shelves life of blueberries but also help retain the nutrition and aroma of freshness.

Storage Facility and Warehouse

Our 24 hours staff organize every box with the date it brought to freezer or  storage room. They are not only take care of the right temperature but keep an eye on every step to deliver the fresh.

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Deliver Fresh Blueberry Order with the Promise Of Freshness

Hand picked fresh berries coming in from the fields are cooled in state-of-the-art vacuum cooling facilities. This ensures that Raiwal’s client receive firmer, higher quality berries with an extended shelf life. Quality inspection through every step of the packing process means only the best berries make it into an Custom package.

Raiwal commitment to excellence extends to the packing room, where only the highest quality berries are carefully packed. Fresh berries coming in from the fields are cooled in state-of-the-art vacuum cooling facilities. This ensures that Raiwal’s clients receive firmer, higher quality berries with an extended shelf life. Quality inspection through every step of the packing process means none but the best berries make it into a Costomized package.

We have been a leader in new package design and intend to carry that leadership into the future. We work closely with packaging vendors to incorporate the latest innovations into our packaging. In 1991 it became clear that the plastic clamshell with its improved ventilation and recycled material was essential to maintaining a premium package.

To meet customers’ demands we now offer multiple sizes of clamshells, depending on the requirement. As an example, our blueberries can be packed in five-pound, two-pound, pint and half-pint sized clamshells. And, of course, we can custom pack to meet your specific needs.

Customers rely on Raiwal Group for on-time deliveries. We work with several transportation companies whose core focus is the handling and transportation of fresh fruit. Their air-freight containers are insulated and filled with gel-ice packs to maintain the berries’ freshness. You can count on Raiwal Group for products that arrive fresh, cool and on time.

Raiwal Group is leading the way in food safety for berry growers across the country and around the world. Our farms meet or surpass the most stringent requirements and regulations for both growing and packing our berries. Raiwal Group works closely with all of our certified growers and packers to ensure compliance with food safety standards, with a system for quickly tracing any potential problem back to its source. We also review our procedures regularly and update them as necessary. In addition, we uses minimal chemicals on our plants, and we are testing non-chemical methods of protecting our plants from pests.

This dedication to food safety and quality helps to ensure that you, our valued customer, will continue to receive the top quality berries you have come to expect.

Canadian Grades applies to selected and hybrid varieties of the high-bush blueberry. Size is the general basis for sale. Larger berries bring a higher price. The number required to fill a half-pint measure determines size.

Color and brightness of fresh fruit will vary depending on varieties. Look for blueberries that are blue to dark blue in color. Most varieties of fresh blueberries have silver-white frost, which is referred to as “bloom.” Lack of blueberry bloom may be consider as over handling and lack of freshness. Different variety has different size and doesn’t denote quality or maturity level. If blueberries are exposed to higher than recommended temperatures, shelf life will be reduced significantly and skin will become rough-textured which isn't goes in fresh market. Temperature: 32 to 34 F, 0 to 1 C Relative humidity: 90-95% Mist: no Typical shelf life: 10 to 18 days Highly sensitive to freezing injuries

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