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Raiwal is the Canadian wholesale supplier/Packer of Fresh and Frozen Blueberry that has expertise in cultivating the best quality, nutritive berries along with the best processing and refrigeration techniques to maintain the freshness long way to wholesale them in various corners across the globe. We make product available year round to the tune of millions pounds of frozen blueberry goodness at lowest price. Reach us today and buy frozen blueberry in wholesale from Canadian supplier.

Raiwal Group

Uses Latest Blueberry Packaging Technology

With the latest packaging technology we carefully sort the color and softness of individual blueberry. With hi-tech machines we efficiently removes under-ripe and over-ripe (soft) blueberries from a population of good fruit. Also, we analyze 100% more surface area of the fruit, meaning half-ripe berries or half-soft berries can be more effectively identified and removed. This combination translates into a vastly improved pack-out quality with increased throughput at Raiwal Packaging Facility

Our processing plant is situated in Surrey, BC. Here, the blueberries are sent for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) and then stored carefully at right temperature in our warehouse. Our best technologies to provide the most suitable storage conditions to berries make it possible for us to avail you with fresh blueberries round the year.

RAIWALs yearn to provide the berries to our customers with transcendent treatment to the customers. We always believe in keeping our customer’s contentment as our first priority ever.

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