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Post Harvest Review


RAIWAL Group is a company which always aspires to face the hardships for quality of our produce and to enhance the values in them. So, we never compromise with the quality and keep analyzing the quality in various steps. Post Harvest Review is a zone which grants us an exposure to make improvements in the quality processes, optimum storage conditions, ripening, supply and shelf life for all products.

This way RAIWALs take care of every product by scrutinizing and analyzing the Post Harvest path of their freshness and every important aspect.

To avoid the food wastage, our expertise and scrutinizing capabilities help us out in the same. Providing a well suited warmth to the cultivations and even after they are ready and get frozen, temperature conditions matter a lot.

Raiwal Group 

What We Do

Raiwal Group is a grower, processer and packer of fresh and frozen blueberries situated in the heart of the Fraser Valley in Surrey, British Columbia. RAIWAL grow their own crop and also with our expertise local and global scale gives us the purchasing power to source berries at an extremely competitive cost directly from Farmers where rich soil and mild climate of BC’s Fraser Valley helps to combine ideal growing conditions for us to harvest from mid-June through to November. With our latest technological processing plant and advance refrigerator system on site, we make sure the quality satisfies the clients expectation. These efficiencies allow RAIWAL Group to provide customers the highest standard of quality without compromising on value. Raiwal Group and team always make sure to provide excellent service throughout starting from picking berries at the farm to a finished product at your door including logistics.

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Fresh Blueberry

Fresh Blueberries are Available from Mid of June to End of September

Frozen Blueberry

Our advance technology of IQF keeps the aroma and flavour of our blueberries and available all year around

Other Services 

We cater your business and are fortunate to provide more services

In Southern US border of Canada, blueberries are found in abundance here due to the most suitable fertile land and ideal climatic conditions. Our farms  start whiten in the month of May when the berries beautifully blossom. With the following summer season, the white blossoms of blueberries mature into brightly blue colored till the month of July. After this, from our traditional blueberry farms, the perfectly grown blueberries are reaped. Just after harvesting the blueberries, they are taken for processing to our plants. Our processing plants are situated in Surrey, BC. Here, the blueberries are sent for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) and then stored here. Our best technologies to provide the most suitable storage conditions to berries make it possible for us to avail you with fresh blueberries round the year.

The major advantage of BC blueberries is its incomparably unique taste. The aroma and flavor is a pleasure to anyone. The shape, rich flavor and magnificent color is maintained throughout the processing steps. IQF helps in preserving the natural nutritive components and flavor. Blueberry has been proved by many scientific studies as a healthy food. Blueberries are low in calories and also an excellent source of Vitamin A and C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. In spite of the small size, blueberry has many exceptional properties and it has many properties that contribute in your good health. Antioxidants are present in abundance in blueberries which prevent the skin ageing and also have properties to avoid cancer conditions. There are also some properties in blueberries which help you in getting a better eye sight. So, blueberry is, undeniably, a super healthy food.

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